Teddy Bears and Beddy Bears is a unique and specialty product line of one of the first original microwavable bears made in the world. Along with it's growing family members we have just increased our product line and also have new products in the works as requested by our loyal customers.


     Simply heat the Teddy Bears in a microwave for two minutes to release the wonderfully soothing lavender aroma. The gentle warmth of this hot Teddy Bear is great for snuggling up to on cold nights.  Henry Warmheart and family can also be used as an ice-pack. Just place the Teddy Bear in a plastic bag (to keep him dry) and freeze for 2 to 3 hours. Especially on hot summer days these plush bears can be used to keep yourself cool.
Teddy Bears  -  Beddy Bears  -  Beddy Buddies  -  Slippies
     All products are made of the finest material according to American and Enblish standards which guarantees you the customer the highest quality standards of manufacturing. As other companies are manufacturing microwavable plush toys based upon the design of the Intelex procucts, Henry Warmheart and family are the worlds first and original fully microwavable plush animal.
They are sure to be a collectors item in the future.

    Each individual design conforms to the safety and certification requirements. As more products become available they will be added to our list of microwavable products. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions pertaining to the Microwavable Plush Bears.

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