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  HENRY WARMHEART THE WORLD'S FIRST FULLY MICROWAVABLE                                              TEDDY BEAR

    Henry is fully microwavable and filled with specially treated flax seed and a hint of French lavender to give a wonderfully soothing aroma.This adorable furry bear is fully microwavable and does not require a removable inner pouch. He is the perfect replacement for the traditional hot water filled bottles.

   Simply heat the entire bear in a microwave for two minutes to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. The calming lavender aroma will also help to ensure a good nights sleep. This plush Teddy Bear can be frozen and used as an ice pack for bruises and sprains.

    Available in a luxurious deep pile fur in Honey Brown color with embroidered logo to paw and attached purple ribbon. These adorable Teddy Bears are made to the highest standards of quality and safety and with proper care will last for years.  Thus, providing thousands of hours of soothing warmth and comfort.

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